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Humanitarian Response

Free Distribution of Joy

Books are magical artifacts that trap human souls in prisons of words. And when someone comes in contact with those prisons, the souls break free and reach out to their soul- opening a brand new world before them. A world where elephants fly, foxes give up on grapes and teenagers go on grand adventures. A world of limitless possibilities and boundless joy.

So why should the less well-off children of our country be deprived of such wonders and joys? To answer that question, ProChESTA have started the “Free Distribution of Joy” initiative. And as per course, they are distributing these soulful prisons to those children who wouldn’t be able to afford them, completely free of cost.

Covid 19 Response

As the spread of Covid-19 turned into a full fledged pandemic, all educational institutes across  Bangladesh were shut down. After a month or two some educational institutes started to go online and students started using the internet via smartphone or laptop to take classes. However, not all students in Bangladesh come from affluent families and most students of ProChESTA who are based in small towns and villages could not attend these classes having no proper device to use as medium. ProChESTA reached out to 4 such students and dispatched smartphones with which they can now continue their education. Furthermore, ProChESTA ensured that the students under its protection get sufficient monetary aid to continue their education during these trying times.