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IGA Support to the Poor

Bangladesh is the country which has a great possibility to guide the future world. With creative and talented citizens it can hope to be the best over the world. But, on the other hand, it is one of the most backward communities in the world with a great amount of poor and ultra poor population. After passing 47 years of independence, now we stand as an under-developing country or a lower middle-income country. However, around 85% of the poor have their daily intake at 1805 calories or less and 75% have 1600 calories or less. These extremely poor people have lack access to many basic needs, including shelter, nutritious food, safe drinking water, sanitation, regular employment, healthcare and education (Battling Extreme Poverty in Bangladesh Part 1: The Measurement Problem- ASIA & PACIFIC by Nayma Qayum, July 18, 2013). And this poor and poorest population of country has interrupted our progress in entire social structure. For facing these problems, those people have less awareness in their own progress as well as country’s progress, and even they don’t think to make positive changes in their lifestyle. But only a few initiative can change their entire lifestyle positively which also take a positive role in country’s progress and development. ProChESTA is trying to reach these families and adding them in some income generating activities. We provide the IGA support to them which is also provided by much more government and non-government organizations. But ours is a bit different than the others. While most of them are closing their activities by providing them the financial aid, we are doing some more for them. First, we identify the poor and the poorest that are motivated to change their lifestyle. And after that, we discuss with them and help them in deciding their business plan considering their skill, level, intelligence, and interests. Then we provide them the adequate financial aid to start their business. At last, we follow up them regularly and take our eyes of their progress. It also helps us to provide them further urgent needed mental, physical, and financial help. Without developing the entire society, our own progress can’t gain the visibility. So, it is important to support the poor population for our own purposes.