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Help Senior Citizens

As an under-developing country, the poverty rate of Bangladesh is so high. In our country, a significant amount of our population is living under the poverty line, while 75% of the total poor population is extremely poor. These poverty-stricken people are facing daily a variety of troubles. They have less access to many basic needs, including shelter, nutritious food, safe drinking water, sanitation, regular employment, healthcare and education (Battling Extreme Poverty in Bangladesh Part 1: The Measurement Problem- ASIA & PACIFIC by Nayma Qayum, July 18, 2013). In a recent study, we have found that a small proportion which is likely 6% of the total population of Bangladesh constitutes the elderly population. For a better view, we can count them in number that is quite significant with around 7.2 million in total. But, the alarming thing is the rate of older people growing high daily. This change in population characteristics will have serious consequences on society as well as the overall socio-economic development of the country. After conducting a broad research work on a large number of elderly people we identified that most of them are from the poor community who faces problems that the indigent people faces daily. The rest of that elderly population who are not poor also faces some troubles such as less physical, mental, and financial support from their family. We found that only a few initiative can bring happiness in their life. Good news is, various governmental and non-governmental programs are ongoing to look after the elderly people. But given the huge number of elderly population, the services are quite insufficient. ProChESTA is trying to reach poor - elderly population by integrating service to the elderly citizens of the country alongside its other programs. We serve them by counseling, sharing, providing financial support and trying to increase their role in their family as well as the entire society. We aimed to prevent the frustration of their mind and providing them a happy ending in their last part of life.