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Education to Every Child

Education is one of the most important basic needs. To be a cultured it is essential. So, it is indeed for every child. But if we give a critical look at the entire society of Bangladesh, what we will find? We would found that a large community of illiterate people all over the country. Both in cities and remote area, it is very common to see lots of street children here and there. And most of them are standing far away from the light of education. It is because of their poverty index, unawareness, lack of positive future thinking, and more. It is an urgent need to bring them in the light of education. In some recent studies, we found that the rate of school drop-out at primary, junior, and secondary level is so high. It is seen that even in the high literacy districts the drop-out rate of students aged between 6-10 is about 15%. Out of an approx total 40 lac dropped out students, 200,000 aged between 6-10 years never went to school. Possibly, these children were either never admitted into school or never went to school even though took admission; or got admission in school after crossing the age group (6 to 10 years) mentioned here (UNICEF-2015). In the year 2015 total 22,72,288 students appeared the JSC and JDC examinations. From them, 20,82,000 students passed and 1,74,2007 failed. Apart from this, 1,00,000 students did not appear the exams even after being registered as examinees. In 2015 the number of dropped out students before completing JSC or JDC counted to about 2,75,000. According to UNICEF report, the number of drop out in the rural areas is more than that in the urban areas and the ratio stands at 16:11. To overcome this perpetual problem, it is imperative to pay more attention to the educational system of rural students. If you keep your eyes on that amount of school drop-out students you will find lots of brilliant students. Most of them are leaving their school for two major causes which are: 1] Family’s financial crisis handicapping the students’ education and resulting in drop-out due to involvement in works as daily laborers to help improve family’s financial condition. 2] Lack of motivation and counseling from family, teacher or some other organization about the importance of education. ProChESTA is the platform which believes that those brilliant but poor students can change the entire picture of the country. If they can go through a proper education system, they must bring the positive changes in our socio-economic condition. Only a little bit of assistance and morale boosting of the children can change the entire social structure. By keeping this belief in mind, ProChESTA is working relentlessly for preventing these two major problems. We are motivated to provide them the proper guideline with the appropriate counseling and morale-boosting them for bringing a positive change in their life. We let them go for selecting their future goal considering their academic background, results, the field of interest and skill. And after that, we provide them the financial support for their education. Not only provide them the financial and mental support but we also keep a permanent look on their improvement and problems. We advise them about the necessity of education and bring their talents and creativity in the spotlight. We run them through lots of technical training for growing their skill. Eventually, the moto is creating belief in their own self.