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About Organization

About Our Organization

ProChESTA started its journey in 2012 as a volunteer organization with the aim of providing educational support service to meritorious but under-privileged students from different parts of the country. ProChESTA’s activities are spread all over the country with a view to bringing changes in the lives of marginal poor people by providing educational support to poor brilliant students and facilitating income generating activities for them. The main focus of ProChESTA is to bring about positive changes in the lives of under-privileged students, their families and the society. To this effect ProChESTA’s two major functions are:1]providing financial facilities to students (school/college fees, transportation cost, school/college uniform, etc).2]appropriate counseling to help decide future goal (discussion, constructive guidance, information gathering information about the student and continuous communication with the student).
ProChESTA has gone a long way in implementing its objectives. In the year 2017 it is trying to further expand its sphere of activities. A] We are trying to assist poor and very poor families in income generating activities with a view to raising their poverty index. As part of this effort we are trying to identify poor/very poor families on the basis of their daily calorie intake and monthly income, thereby helping them to engage in some income generating activities. These identified families will be put into activities based on their previous work experiences/skills or interest for a particular job. It may be in the form of providing fund for small business and assisting them with making appropriate plan for the business. B] To help/serve the old people. Various researches show that elderly people in our society fall into various socio-economic troubles. May be, some have problem with having shelter; some may not have arrangement for food, medication and nursing. Also, elderly people do not have sufficient recreational facilities. Keeping these problems in mind ProChESTA is carrying out an organized search for under privileged elderly people to bring them under the above mentioned program.

Motto of ProChESTA

To create an educated and skilled/capable generation in Bangladesh to eradicate poverty from society and family.

Our Objective

  • We provide educational aid to the under-privileged generation (school fees, stationary expenses, transportation expenses etc.)
  • We provide mental support and counseling to the selected students to facilitate smooth pursuance of education.
  • We motivate and advise students not to stop their education in the midway.
  • We provide all necessary support to students to develop and display their talents.
  • We provide advice and suggestions to help student realize the importance of education.
  • We help students in capacity building and prepare them to face the challenges of the current competitive world.
  • We investigate the causes of student drop-out and undertake new strategy to reduce it as much as possible. To this end, alongside our own research we also use data from other research organizations.
  • We arrange special and diverse programs for disabled and special children (under- privileged children from urban slums and remote villages are included in this program).
  • We try to bring poor and extremely poor families under the network of income generating activities.
  • We try to provide necessary support and facilities to the elderly people.

Our Operating Procedure

  • We employ one mentor/teacher for a few (not more than 5) students who constantly guides and motivates these students to pursue their education in a better manner with success.
  • Alongside financial help and other educational support, we maintain regular communication with the students.
  • The appointed teacher/mentor collects and preserves all information (his wellbeing, school expenses, transportation cost, clothing expenses, and other expenses) about the students under his care and gets our organization’s approval to support those students as per his estimation.
  • We organize training for skill and knowledge development of our students.
  • Depending on individual’s technical and other skills, we inspire students to get involved in some income generating activities.
  • We also organize training for teachers/mentors so they can perform their responsibilities in a better manner.
  • We introduce the students with modern technology and arrange training on use of computer and other technologies.
  • We also organize various activities participated by students so that they get inspired by each other and learn to make decision in future.
  • Besides providing financial aid for poor and extremely poor families, we also guide them to formulate appropriate business plans.
  • We provide selected elderly citizens with necessary assistance.

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Our Beneficiary

In Bangladesh the rate of school drop-out at Primary, Junior and Secondary level is quite high. It is seen that even in the high literacy districts the drop-out rate of students aged between 6-10 is about 15%. Out of an approx total 40 lac dropped out students, 200,000 aged between 6-10 years never went to school. Possibly, these children were either never admitted into school or never went to school even though took admission; or got admission in school after crossing the age group (6 to 10 years) mentioned here (UNICEF-2015). In the year 2015 total 22,72,288 students appeared the JSC and JDC examinations. Of them 20,82,000 students passed and 1,74,2007 failed. Apart from this, 1,00,000 students did not appear the exams even after being registered as examinees. In 2015 the number of dropped out students before completing JSC or JDC counted to about 2,75,000. According to UNICEF report the number of drop out in the rural areas is more than that in the urban areas and the ratio stands at 16:11. To overcome this
perpetual problem, it is imperative to pay more attention to the educational system of rural students.
In the same year (2015) out of 16,95,467 registered SSC examinees, only 14,52605 appeared the exams. Among those who passed the examinations, only 13,010,99 got admission to college to appear the HSC examinations. It shows that the drop-out rate of students is more prior to and after SSC period. About 3,94,368 students wither away before and after SSC examinations. According to a government statistics, in the year 2015 about 40.29% students withered away before their SSC examinations and the percentage comes at 19.11% for Class VIII students before JSC Examinations.…